Over the last ten years, I have had an opportunity to engage with teachers as I served on my local school board. I learned just how extremely hard and important a teacher’s job is and the amazing folks that get to become teachers. Thank you to everyone in the community that supports me for Colorado State Board of Education, CD 8.




Michael Bennet

"Rhonda Solis is the right choice for the Colorado State Board of Education in District 8. She knows educational decisions can't just be left to one person or even a small group. Whether teachers, administrators, maintenance workers, bus drivers, para-professionals, IT specialists, or support staff, Rhonda knows that inclusion of all community voices helps contribute to student success. I enthusiastically endorse her campaign for election to Colorado's State Board of Education."


Joe Neguse

"The upcoming election will have a significant impact on the future of Congressional District 8. I'm proud to announce my endorsement of Rhonda Solis for Colorado State Board of Education in Congressional District 8. She has the experience and work ethic needed to be effective if elected."

Lisa Escárcega

Colorado State Board of Education, CD1

"I am pleased to endorse Rhonda Solis for re-election to the Colorado State Board of Education. Rhonda’s leadership is characterized by care, foresight, and innovation -- all focused on addressing the challenges students face. Rhonda is the voice for educators, families, businesses, and the broader community. Recognizing the critical role of a quality public education system in shaping the future of Colorado, Rhonda emphasizes investing in students and envisions every student receiving what they need to thrive. Rhonda understands that there is more work to be done and is prepared to meet the challenge. I wholeheartedly endorse Rhonda and encourage the community to support her candidacy."

Rebecca McClellan

Colorado State Board of Education, CD6

"I'm honored to endorse Rhonda Solis for the State Board of Education. Rhonda has proven her commitment to the community throughout her eight years of service on the Greeley / Evans School Board, and her local board experience will be an asset on the State Board of Education. Rhonda understands Northern Colorado. It's where she raised her family, and it's where she's stepped up for the community to serve on numerous boards and commissions including the City of Greeley Judicial Review Board, and the Greeley Dream Team. Please join me in supporting Rhonda Solis for the State Board of Education in CD8. "

Karla Esser, Ed.D

Colorado State Board of Education, CD7

"Rhonda Solis is an exceptional candidate for the State Board of Education serving the new Congressional District 8. She has 8 years of experience on the Greeley-Evans School Board and served as their president until she was term limited. Rhonda is passionate, child-focused, and will be able to start serving on day one. She has my full support and enthusiastic endorsement."

Kathy Plomer Colorado State Board of Education,


"I am proud to support Rhonda Solis for re-election to the State Board of Education. Rhonda is a strong voice for students and community engagement. She is a champion for our public education system who works hard to strengthen schools and provide meaningful opportunities for all students across Colorado."

CO House of Representatives District 50

Mary Young

"As a long-time educator and school psychologist, I've seen first hand Rhonda's care and commitment to education and the community. She is a champion for kids."

Colorado State Treasurer

Dave Young

"Rhonda Solis has proven herself time and time again to be a steadfast advocate for students, teachers and communities. She listens – to everyone from bus drivers, paraprofessionals and principals to superintendents, parents and education advocates. I wholeheartedly endorse her for re-election to the Colorado State Board of Education."

Colorado State Representative

Lorena Garcia

"With roughly 35% of Colorado's K-12 students identifying as Hispanic or Latino, it's critical that we have someone representing this population on Colorado's State Board of Education. Rhonda Solis brings the necessary experience of advocating for marginalized communities and commitment to equity as a champion for all of Colorado's kids. I'm delighted to give her my full endorsement and support."

Colorado State Representative

Manny Rutinel

"Rhonda Solis has worked with Colorado families for decades and became a champion for them during her first term as the Representative for Distict 8 on Colorado's State School Board. I am confident that she will continue to build a thriving education system in Colorado so that all students and families feel supported. I'm honored to be a part of a long list of community leaders endorsing her re-election campaign."

Colorado State Representative

Jenny Willford

"It is critical that we keep someone as qualified, dedicated and passionate about students as Rhonda Solis on Colorado's State Board of Education. Solis will ensure that Colorado's educational system continues to thrive as we grow the next generation of leaders. Rhonda's service is vital for our kids and communities and I'm honored to offer her campaign my full support and endorsement."

Colorado State Representative

Shannon Bird

"High quality education is a critical component to building a thriving Colorado. Rhonda Solis has moved the needle on this throughout her career and will continue to do so when re-elected to Colorado's State Board of Education in 2024. I'm honored to offer my endorsement and support for Rhonda as she runs for re-election to serve our kids and communities."

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser

"Rhonda Solis is a tireless advocate for children, her community, and education. She'll bring that same devotion to public office to support our teachers and students.  I'm proud to support Rhonda Solis for the State Board of Education!"

Former United States Senator Mark Udall

"I have known Rhonda for many years and I have seen her work at her local School Board and I know she's the right person to hold the 8th Congressional District seat on the State School Board. She's by far the best candidate. We need her and I'm proud to endorse her."

Former United States Senator

Dr. Polly Baca

"It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Rhonda Solis for the State Board of Education. Rhonda has an extensive education background that will enhance her ability to provide the education our students need for the 21st century."

Former United States Representative Betsy Markey

"In the years since we first met, I watched Rhonda become a leading voice in education, the Latino community and northern Colorado. She will apply that same energy and devotion to representing CD8 on the Colorado Board of Education."

Greeley City Councillor Tommy Butler

"Rhonda has the kind of passion and experience we need on the State Board of Education. I also love that she has also been an advocate locally for increased education funding. She knows what students need to succeed and has never been afraid to fight for them. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Rhonda Solis for the State Board of Education in CD8."

Westminster City Councillor Obi Ezeadi

"I endorse Rhoda because we need diverse representation across Colorado, and particularly on the State Board of Education. She is a champion for equity and a trusted leader in education, not just in her district, but across all of Colorado."

Adams County Commissioner Steve O'Dorisio

"Rhonda Solis grew up in CD8, raised her children there and served 8 years on the Greeley school board. She has a track record. She'll focus on care, progress and innovation."

Adams County Commissioner Emma Pinter

"We have the chance to make history. Electing Rhonda Solis, a woman of color and the first-ever CD8 State Board of Education member ensures our voices will be heard. Rhonda is capable. She is also devoted to community public schools and education. I trust Rhonda and I am proud to vote for Rhonda."

Lori Goldstein President, Adams 12 Board of Education

"Rhonda is a true advocate for all children in Colorado.  She knows how important it is to ensure every child, no matter their background, has access to a quality education so they can get the tools to be a successful member of society.  She has what it takes to make the hard decisions that affect public education in Colorado."

Amira Assad-Lucas

Vice President, Adams 12 Board of Education

"I am honored to support Rhonda Solis for Colorado State Board of Education. She has shown tremendous leadership and advocacy for the local control of school boards. She has also gone above and beyond to learn how to support all students in the way they need. As a parent of a child with a visual impairment, she took the time to listen and ask relevant questions of how to support educational opportunities for blind and visually impaired students. She fights to ensure all student receive the education they deserve and are entitled to. Please join me in supporting Rhonda for Colorado State Board of Education."

Paula Battistelli

Adams 12 Board of Education

"I enthusiastically endorse Rhonda Solis for Colorado State Board of Education. She brings passion, dedication, and commitment to educating all of our children, as well as vital representation for our communities of color. Of prime consideration is her focus on equity in ensuring that all of our kids receive a quality, inclusive educational experience. She centers our children. What more could we ask for? It's my honor to be included on her lengthy list of endorsers."

Jasmin Ramirez
Board Vice Chair, Roaring Fork School District

"I am pleased to recommend and endorse Rhonda Solis for a second Colorado State School Board term. Rhonda is deeply committed to ensuring that every child in our state has access to a high-quality education that prepares them for success in life. She has a strong understanding of the challenges facing our education system and has demonstrated the ability to work collaboratively with districts, educators, parents, and community leaders to find solutions that benefit everyone. Her tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to improving education for all students make her the ideal candidate for this position. I am confident that Rhonda Solis will continue to be an effective and dedicated member of the Colorado State School Board, and I urge you to join me in supporting her."

Dr Don Haddad
Superintendent - St. Vrain Valley School District

"Rhonda Solis is a champion for every child. Colorado has 178 school districts, and she wants to be certain every child and community is represented. Because of her experience in District 6, she understands the inner workings of education, from superintendents to teachers to parents and kids to the state legislature. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her."

Amie Baca-Oehlert President, Colorado Education Association

"Rhonda was a strong advocate for students, families, and educators during her time on the Greeley School Board and has continued that work during her time on the State Board. Our nearly 40,000 members whole heartedly support her re-election and look forward to working with her for 6 more years to ensure great public schools for every Colorado student."

Delores Huerta

"After eight years as a District 6 School Board Member and many more as a local activist, Rhonda Solis is perfectly suited to represent CD8 on the State School Board. She is a trusted community leader and will fight for equity and access for all of Colorado's children."

Rasheed Garza

"My name is Rasheed Garza and I support Rhonda Solis. I recently graduated from Greeley West High School, and I now attend UC Berkeley. I support Rhonda because she will ensure no child is left behind. She will also ensure nothing but the best education for the students in her region and in the state of Colorado. I can guarantee this because that’s exactly what she did on Greeley Evans District 6 School Board for 8 years. Not only is she a great person, but she’s the person we can all count on. Vote Rhonda Solis, CD8 State School Board."

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