July 2023

I am thrilled to announce my re-election campaign for CD8 School Board! Since making history last November, I have had the privilege of serving as CD8’s representative, working tirelessly to ensure that our students receive the quality education they deserve. It has been an incredible journey, witnessing the transformative power of education and experiencing the positive impact of having Latina representation in our district.

In July, I participated in various events around Greeley, starting off with the Democratic Horizon Press Conference. The Horizon Project will re-establish our relationship with voters across CD8 by listening, learning, and tailoring our campaigns and messages to their needs and hopes for their futures.

From left to right Greeley Chamber CCE Jaime Henning, Colorado education commissioner Susana Cordova, CD 8 State Board of Education Representative Rhonda Solis, D6 Superintendent Dr. Deirdre Pilch

I partnered with District 6 and the Greeley Chamber of Commerce to host a meet and greet with our new Education Commissioner, Susana Cordova. Serving our community and our kids comes first, and as a member of the State Board of Education, it’s important that we bring together important players to meet, make connections and support one another. If a school or district is struggling, the CDE has resources in place to support steps toward improvement. I was so glad that our community had an opportunity to meet with our new commissioner and make lasting connections that will support our district moving forward. This meeting was hugely successful thanks to the partnership of District 6 and many members of our community!

I used my platform as a State Board of Education Member, former D6 School Board Member, and former CASA to help raise money for Life Stories Child & Family Advocacy, an incredible organization that supports and advocates for children impacted by abuse and neglect. I would say modeling is out of my comfort zone, but when Life Stories asks you to help, I couldn’t say no. So here I am in a balloon dress, yes, that is correct - me in a balloon dress! We raised crucial funds and had a blast supporting an amazing community organization!